Time is Money, we know how important speed to market is for our clients. One of the key elements to any successful project is permitting. Permitting can be challenging and at times confusing. Ultimately permitting can assist or delay the commencement of construction. We have an experienced and aggressive staff dedicated to expediting the permitting process and they have a through knowledge and expertise with the plan approval process within several jurisdictions. By establishing at time line based on project jurisdiction and specific review times, we help you minimize the development time frame and establish a realistic yet aggressive schedule of deliverables that will exceed your expectations. Once a timetable for deliverables is established, we work with all regulatory agencies to maintain the agreed time frame.


Permitting Licensing Services:

Stormwater Analysis and Design

  • Scheduling and Attendance of Pre-Application Meetings
  • Impact and Review Fee Determination
  • Site Plan Permitting
  • Zoning Approvals
  • Variance Approvals
  • Attendance at Public Hearings
  • Building Permit
  • Utility Permit
  • Landscaping/Tree Removal Permitting
  • Water Management District Permitting
  • Department of Transportation Permitting
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Department of Environmental Protection Permitting
  • Maintenance of Traffic Permitting
  • Right of Way Use Permitting
  • Concurrency/Capacity Approvals
  • Project Close-Out and Certification Process